Content Samurai Tutorials – The Complete Guide 2020

Looking for the step-by-step tutorials for Content Samurai? Here’s the only guide you need. Keep reading…

1. How to delete a video?

If you hover over any video in your dashboard you should see a “Delete” icon appear.

Click that  and you should see a prompt to delete the video

content samurai tutorial


2. How to clone a video?

If you hover over any video in your dashboard you’ll see 3 options; one of those options is “Clone”


3. How to manually adjust timing?

In the Preview section of the app, you’ll find a ‘Manually Adjust Timing’ button. Click that button.

Once that button has been clicked, you’ll see a timeline appear – if you have a voiceover, you’ll see the voice in a wave form here.

To change the timing of your videos you can click and drag the green vertical bars the arrows pointing downwards are showing. Moving the green vertical bar to the left will mean the slide comes in earlier and moving the bar to the right means the slide will come in later.

You can also click and drag the end of the video out extend the video or make it shorter


4. How to set a time for each slide to show?

This will only work for ‘Music Only’ videos. You can’t set a manual time for videos with a voiceover

In the bottom left corner of the Preview section of Content Samurai, you will find a section where you can set a specific time for each slide.

Once you’ve entered the time you want for each slide, make sure you click the Apply button


5. How to add a watermark?

Watermarks are a great way to keep your logo in front of your viewers for the entire video.

Here’s how to use the Watermark feature in Content Samurai:

First, go to the Preview section and then click Watermark then the big green ‘Create New Watermark’ button

6. How to upload your own background track?

If you have a specific sound in mind for your video and you want to add your own custom background music track to your Content Samurai video, you’re in luck – it’s really easy!

Here’s how it’s done:

In the Preview section of the app click Music, then the ‘My Music’ tab.

Here you’ll find an ‘Upload Music’ button – click that button.

Once that button has been clicked you’ll see this important message.

To proceed, make sure you click the checkbox and hit continue

Next, you’ll need to find the Music Track on your computer and click Open

Once the music track uploads you’ll see it in a list on the left of the screen, so you can use it on any other videos you create

Note: Your video length isn’t decided by the background music track, so the video length won’t change for a custom background music track.


7. How to pick a background music track?

Content Samurai has over 20 background music tracks in the Preview section of the app.

Here’s how to pick the right track for your video:

When a background music track is selected it will have a blue highlight.

Content Samurai should automatically remember which background music track you last used.

You can play the background track by clicking the Play icon that appears when you hover over a track.


8. How to Upload a Voice Track?

Uploading your voice track is the perfect option if you don’t have a professional setup, don’t speak the native language you’re trying to record in or you simply don’t want to record your own voice.

Here’s where to find the Upload a Voice Track feature in the Voice section of the app

Here are the steps you’ll need to take to upload your own voice track:

With the ‘Upload a Voice Track’ option selected, you’ll see a big green button that reads “Choose a file to upload” – click that button

Find your voiceover file on your computer and click Open

The voiceover track will upload and convert into the right format to use with your video

When the voiceover track is uploaded you have the option to Play the track or select a new one using the “or upload a different voice track” option.

9. How do I record my own voice track?

Recording your own voice track in Content Samurai as easily as possible, by analyzing the video script and splitting each sentence into its own recordable chunk – so you can record like you speak, in sentences.

You’ll find the ‘Record Your Own Voice Track’ in the Voice section of the app:

Now you’ve found the option to recording in the app, here’s how to use that feature:

You’ll find a green ‘Record’ button on the left of your sentence, that’s the button you need to click to start recording

Once that button’s clicked you’ll see a 3-second countdown timer appear, which counts you into when you need to start talking.

On the right of your sentence, you’ll see a small microphone symbol that fills green to represent the level of audio your microphone is picking up.

If you see the microphone fill up to the top and then turn red, you’re either too close to the microphone or you’re speaking too loud.

Once you’ve finished recording and clicked the Stop button, you’ll see the button turn into a ‘Next’ button which will take you to the next recordable sentence.

You can also play your recording to make sure it’s perfect before moving on.

There’s also a re-record button (the red circle) if you find the recording could be better


10. What does the Music Only option do?

Music Only is the default option in the Voice section, selecting this option means there will be no voiceover on your video.

You can find the Music Only option here:


11. What does the Style tab do?

The style tab is a great way to quickly switch up how your video looks by editing the template options from the Slide screen.

Adjusting the Style options isn’t the same as switching to a new Template, it’s closer to the options you see when customizing a specific Template.

You will find the ‘Style’ tab on the left-hand side of the Slide section:

If you change any of the Style settings for a built-in Template, you’ll have the option to save as a new template to use in other projects.

If you change any of the Style settings for a custom Templates, you’ll have the option to update that custom Template to use in other projects.


12. Can I use my own videos?

Not only can you use your own videos in Content Samurai, you can also build your very own personal video library that isn’t viewable to any others users.

Here’s how to add videos to your library:

First, head to the Slide section of the app and click Media, Uploads then the Clips radio button

This screenshot shows videos already in the library if this is your first time uploading videos this section will be blank.

Next, click the big green ‘Upload Video’ button, find the videos on your computer and upload them to your library

Once that’s done you”ll find all of your uploaded video in your video library so you can use them on any video


13. What does linking slides do?

Linked slides use the same media, layout, and motion. Continuous motion across linked slides makes your video flow more naturally.

You’ll find the link slides button in the menu that runs along the top of each slide, clicking that button will link that slide with the above slide.

First Slide

Second Slide:

Before clicking the Link Slides button

Second Slide:

After clicking the Link Slides button


14. How do I delete a slide?

Each slide comes with a built-in delete button, which you can find in the top right corner of the slide.

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