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Content Samurai is intelligent video creator that let you make amazing videos online with great text-to-speech technology. Content Samurai reviews your script, cuts it up into professional slide layouts and formats your text. With this video creator you can make professional-looking videos within minutes with just a few mouse clicks (you don’t even need special skills!). It’s something must-have for youtubers, influencers and companies.

With 7 days free trial (you don’t need to add credit card!) you can start to create stunning videos fast using all available resources of Content Samurai.

Using Content Samurai you don’t even need to use your own voice to make nice videos, just paste your script and choose voice that will read your text. (It doesn’t sound robotic). Software will choose videos, and images that fit with your text which looks super professional.

Content Samurai analyses your script and intelligently suggests the perfect images for your video from a library of over 112 million quality images.

content samurai trial

content samurai free trial

In Content Samurai you can choose from many of templates like: Social Media Video, Viral Video (for example TOP 5 x), Real Estates or Products Ads so everyone can choose templates for their own needs.

Powered by cutting edge text and voice matching technology Content Samurai automatically edits your video from beginning to end with a single click. It’s video creation at the speed of thought.


So, there are the advantages of Content Samurai Video Creator:

  • you don’t need to download anything, make videos online
  • professional text-to-speech voice, just paste your script!
  • automatically adds videos and images about your text
  • automatically render your video
  • large resource of video templates that you can use depending on your needs
  • it’s easy to use (no special skills needed)
  • you can upload your own logos, images, videos or trademarks
  • it’s cheap
  • it has 7 days Free Trial and not require credit card


Who is this product for?

  • Youtubers & Influencers
  • Small Business Owners
  • Real Estates Agencies
  • Social Media Agencies
  • Video Creators
  • Blog Owners (To create video from article)
  • Marketers selling or reviewing a product
  • Affilate Markeing (IM)
  • … Or any other person who needs to create stunning video in minutes!

We have also written the complete Content Samurai review. You can read it. Personally, i think it’s the best online video creator that you can buy because it’s time saver, you don’t need to waste hours on creating video that looks great. It is because video creation processes are mostly automated so you can make more videos at the same time or use it to do other things. For a decent price you get a tool that simultaneously deals with the graphic, sound and technical side of video production.

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