Content Samurai Alternatives – Best Video Creation Software in 2020

If you want to create fast, easy, high quality videos that will help you rank faster on Youtube and drive traffic to your website, blog, or affiliate offers…

Content Samurai Alternatives

I highly recommend you check out Content Samurai

You can start a free trial of Content Samurai Here

Or, Check out my #1 Recommended Alternative Product Here

But if you’re looking for some great content samurai alternatives, I’ve listed some of the top options below.

On this page you’ll find the top video creation software alternatives to content samurai.

  • Invideo

Invideo is probably the best alternative to content samurai out there.

The most popular feature of content samurai is the text to video features, where you can copy and paste in some test and have it turned into a video in just a few seconds.

Invideo takes that concept and puts it on steroids. 

invideo article to video feature

Invideo is my #1 recommended content samurai alternative

You can upload text but you can also simply paste in a url and have it turn your existing content on blog articles into a social media friendly video

(They call it “article to video”)

With pre-made templates and royalty free music in seconds.

It also boasts on of the simplest and most affordable pricing plans:

$10/mo for the business plan

$30/mo for the unlimited plan

And of course, you can try it out for free.

Try Individeo Today (Free Trial)


  • Automated Text-to-Speech
  • Text to Video & Article To Video – similar feature to content samurai
  • Simple, Affordable Pricing
  • Facebook, Youtube, Instagram ready pre-loaded templates
  • Multi-language support
  • HD Video exports
  • 24*7 World-class Support
  • Reseller Rights Included
  • Lumen 5

lumen 5 logo

Luman 5 is a very popular and capable tool that also has a nifty “text to video” feature like Invideo and Content Samurai

With Lumen 5, you can create an entire video by simply copy and pasting a selection of text…

Or even copying a url of a blog article

And it will automatically generate a video using the same tet.


  • Text to Video – similar feature to content samurai
  • Automated Workflow
  • Media Library
  • Branding Options

lumen 5 demo

Lumen 5 has a seamless experience as well

  • Animoto


  • Easy drag-and-drop interface
  • Beautiful, versatile video templates
  • Access to over a million stock assets
  • Storyboard Templates

animoto demo

Animoto Makes creating stunning videos very easy

Instant Video Wizard

Instant video wizard is a very similar competitor to content samurai, especially if you’re looking to produce video content for affiliate marketing or creating content to sell to clients.

It offers simple pricing at just $47/mo and access to dozens of nice templates and a simple to use editor.


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